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Houston Breast Reconstruction SurgeryIn addition to cosmetic procedures, our clinic also provides advanced breast reconstruction procedures for breast cancer patients in a caring, supportive environment. The goal of breast reconstruction is to restore a woman’s sense of femininity and make her feel whole again after breast cancer surgery.

Dr. Kendall Roehl specializes in breast reconstruction and microsurgery. As a woman, Dr. Roehl understands the role that breasts play in a woman’s sense of femininity and overall body image. Every woman should be able to feel confident and positive about their body image, but the disfiguring effects of cancer and mastectomy can wreak havoc on a woman’s self-esteem. Breast reconstruction is about more than just rebuilding the breast, it is an essential part of the healing process. Breast reconstruction allows breast cancer survivors to move forward with a renewed sense of confidence and emotional wellbeing as they step into the next phase of their life.

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Advanced Reconstructive Breast Techniques

Dr. Roehl is a highly skilled breast reconstruction surgeon trained in microsurgery and the most advanced reconstructive techniques, including autologous tissue procedures such as the DIEP flap. Autologous breast reconstruction procedures utilize the patient’s own tissue, fat and skin to create a new breast mound, for the most natural form breast restoration available. The DIEP flap procedure, which stands for Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator, is a sophisticated surgery that harvests skin and fat from the patient’s abdominal region and transplants it to the mastectomy site to reconstruct the patient’s breast(s).

Using the patient’s own tissue provides the most natural reconstruction in both shape and feel. It is also easier to match the patient’s remaining breast when a Perforator Flap is utilized. As the patient ages and gains or loses weight in the future, the reconstructed breast will age with them as well, and look much more natural than if an implant were used.

Dr. Roehl does provide various forms of breast reconstruction, including implant-based reconstruction. To learn more about breast reconstruction in Houston, please call (713) 999-4366, or simply click the Request an Appointment button at the top of this page to request a consultation with Dr. Roehl.

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